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2022/23 Carcase Scan Results Show Huge Progress…. 


Scan details listed in ‘2023 Annual Bull Sale Catalogue’ – page 14.


Le Martres Beef is known for adopting objective measurement to improve the carcase yield and

quality. This process is reaping financial rewards for their clients and the greater Beef Industry.

A ‘Weigh & Scan’ operation was conducted on the 29.12.22 on the 2021 Spring drop of

yearling sires, which appear in the 2023 Annual Bull Sale. The assessment provided the

following results and, a comparison with the previous 2020 drop showed the following trends –

Trait:                                      2021 Bulls Av. Result:                     Comparison With 2020 Bulls:

*   Age                                             17.4 months                                                +7.4%

*   Live Weight                              619 kg                                                          +9.0%

*   Rib Fat                                      6.2 mm                                                        +6.9%

*   Rump Fat                                 6.5 mm                                                        +6.6%

*   Marbling/IMF                          4.5 %                                                            +25%

*   EMA (Eye Muscle Area)         123.14 cm2                                                 +3.9%

*   NEG; Carcase Merit Index     3249.8 (Super Elite)                                    +6.5%

*   NEG; CMI/Age                        205.9                                                           +9.5%

The 2021 cattle were slightly older when assessed, and accordingly have recorded higher

gains for a large range of traits, however, the Liveweight, Marbling & NEG; CMI/Age traits

recorded very positive gains. These results confirm the consolidation of the positive trait

changes achieved over recent years.

Le Martres genetic selection program continues to produces cattle with reliable performance

and, an extremely desireable carcase traits.
















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