Le Martres Poll Beef established in 1988

Proudly breeds French & Australian Purebreed Limousin cattle with exceptional quality carcases, various coat colors (apricot, black, blue & strawberry) and almost all polled; including ‘French Pure Polled’.

Our cattle are bred to perform in Australian Grassland & feedlot conditions.

All cattle are selected as having stomachs suitable for natural performance and muscling off grass.

We have been carcase scanning our cattle since 1998 and gene testing our cattle since 2010.

Le Martres Beef Cattle offer outstanding carcases……

Your inspection of our Limousin cattle is welcomed through-out the year.


Future Events –

* ¬†March 3, 2023 –¬†

Annual Bull Sale – Offering 40 head of Mature & Yearling Limousin bulls, 2 Lots of 10 head of Heifers & 1 Lot of 10 head of Steers.
On property Helmsman Auction interfaced with Auctionsplus & Phone Bidding.

Ray White/GTSM, Albury – Sale Agent.



A stud sire at Le Martres Limousins.

News & Events

News & Events

There is always something happening at Le Martres. Stay informed & get all the latest news, upcoming events and achievements.

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